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Here at Young Lives vs Cancer we’ve created easy to access, low commitment volunteering opportunities full of possibilities. These are opportunities that allow you to donate your time and allow us to utilise all of the amazing skills you have all in support of children and young people with cancer.

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I love volunteering and am passionate about supporting children and young people with cancer. Because of my hectic lifestyle, being able to donate small chunks of my time with little commitment suits me perfectly. I can juggle work as well as giving something back.

Kate - Young Lives vs Cancer Volunteer


What is micro volunteering?

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Micro volunteering is bite-size volunteering with no regular commitment just action when and where you chose, with minimum formality, training and induction, involving specific actions that are quick to start and complete.

How does micro volunteering help?

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Donating even just a small amount of your time goes on to helping children and young people with cancer. From raising funds to raising vital awareness of our cause, helps us to continue our work and reach more people to help fund our service.

How much time do I need to commit to volunteering?

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That’s entirely up to you. We have designed our micro-volunteering opportunities with you in mind. Search for opportunities near you or home based opportunities, and find an opportunity that fits the time you have to offer. You’ll find opportunities from as little as 1 hour of commitment.

Can I do multiple micro volunteering opportunities?

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Whether you have one hour to give, or an hour a week – there should be opportunities to suit you. You can sign up to as many opportunities as you wish!

What support will I receive?

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Once you have signed up to your opportunity, the relevant volunteer manager will be in touch to share the next steps with you. It’ll be a short brief about the task ahead, then off you go! Of course they will be on hand to provide any resources or advice you may need to help you get the most out of your opportunity.

What experience do I need?

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Each opportunity needs a different level of skill or experience, so be sure to check out the oppportunities near you or ones that you can do from home to suit your needs. Some opportunities will require no experience and all training will be provided, other opportunity will tap into your specific skill set. Like we said, our opportunities are designed with you in mind so hopefully you’ll find something to suit you.

How old do I need to be?

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Our micro-volunteering opportunities require you to be 16 years old. Some opportunities do require you to be 18 years old, but this will be made clear upon sign up.

Do I need references?

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No. All our micro-volunteering opportunities do not require references, so you can complete your volunteering as quickly and easily as possible.